Bill Flecky
Senior Vice President of Business Development

Bill Flecky is a true serial entrepreneur with extensive commercialization and leadership expertise in global startups ranging from Medical Devices to Scientific Technology. To date Bill’s commercialization leadership has led his startups to 10 M&As and 2 IPOs by executing successful sales channel strategies, delivering top-line revenue growth and operational efficiencies.  His success with disruptive technologies has made an impact across a wide range of global cultures and public, private, pre-revenue and multi-million-dollar businesses. Bill has used his commitment to the success of the sales process in all his sales roles, including Executive Board Member, CEO, President, and Marketing Director.

Bill earned his BA in Psychology and Master of Business Administration, Technology Management. He has been a speaker at numerous professional events, personal development programs, conferences, and sales seminars.

As Senior Vice President of Business Development at EcoVAP, Bill’s role is to interact directly with new stakeholders, implement business processes, and to drive EcoVAP's commercial growth and long-term value.

Inquiries contact Bill at bflecky@ecovap.com


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